The Legend of The Fiasco

Legend has it that when Milton Menasco was a boy, he wandered into the Mountains with only the clothes on his back and his guitar. In the mountains he stumbled upon an old cabin where a mountain man named Big John lived. Big John was a master guitar player and skillful songwriter and agreed to teach Milton everything he knew if Milton stayed and worked for him, chopping firewood, cooking meals and washing dishes. After four long years of doing chores for Big John and playing twelve hours a day, Big John told Milton he had nothing left to teach him.  So Milton threw his guitar on his back, said goodbye to Big John and headed back to civilization. 

At the first town he came to, he went to the local bar and asked if they needed some live music. The bar owner laughed and said “Boy, if you can make just one person dance with that old guitar, I'll give you a hundred bucks right now. But if not, that guitar is mine.” Menasco didn’t hesitate. He grabbed his guitar, closed his eyes and started strumming some chords…. then he sang: “Oh lord, you can take my money but don't take my guitar, I've been working my fingers to the bone four hard winters long, now this old bar keep he trying to do me wrong but what he don’t know is that everybody want to dance, dance to my song” And sure enough, when Milton opened his eyes everyone in the place was dancing to his song. As he finished the bar owner slapped the $100 on the table and laughed, “How would you like a job playing here every night?” Milton thought about it for a moment, then replied “How bout $300 for just tonight?”

For the next few months, Milton went from town to town betting he could get people to dance with just one song. After a while he saved enough for a car to sleep and travel in. Then a while after that he saved enough for a van, then a while after that he saved enough for a bus. And with a bus he had enough room for…a band. Dustin Van Ry had cut his teeth playing drums for the rough necks in the honkey tonks outside the oil fields. Daniel Boteler had the groove on the bass you can only get from deep within the bayou. When you mixed them all together it was….The Big Fiasco. 

Still to this day Milton Menasco & The Big Fiasco roam town to town betting they can makem’ dance in just one song.


Livin' the Dream (Blog)

Happy New Year!! 

From all of us here at The Big Fiasco we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We have a ton of new music coming out this year and look forward to sharing it with you. Cheers! 

A tip of the Hat to the The Top Hat  

The best part of traveling and playing music is meeting new people that are inspiring and genuine and the Owner and staff at the Top Hat in Missoula are just that. Nick and his crew are really doing something special with the Top Hat and The Wilma Theater. We highly recommend checking out a show at both of these great venues.




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February 2016